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Arena Ethnobotanicals is special because of their outstanding offer of kratom products and its best, fastest service in the industry with availability for same day shipping


Their live support is there for you from 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time), answering your emails, phone calls and, if you provide order before 2pm Pacific – time, shipping your order the same day.


Arena ensures  a  high quality kratom products and guarantee 100% natural process of producing their extracts. Arena is also the unique vendor in the USA that have kratom with a fresh grinding service in their offer. They provide a long line of crushed kratom leaf, powders, tincture, and resin in different sizes.


They have special offer and section on the site for Wholesale Kratom companies. For Wholesale and specialized organic herbal stores they offer best packaged products of organic kratom, alongside with the best price. They also offer a raw products in bulk which you can package or bag in-house.

Price range

You can find Kratom capsules and caps – Premium Thai, Vietnam strain, Premium Bali, Maeng Da and Kali Maeng Da kratom capsules,  for a price between 15,99$ and 22,99$ per 1 ounce (each capsule contains approximately 0.5 grams of powdered kratom) and several kinds od Kratom in form of a powder – Premium Thai, Premium Bali, Maeng Da and Kali Maeng Da kratom powder – for a price between 14,99$ and 18,99$ per 1 ounce ,with more discount for larger amounts of products.

Payment Methods

Payment made by Cash, Check, or Money Order should be mailed to the following address: PO BOX 871 Del Mar, CA 92014. You should provide your correct email address and phone number so they can contact you if there is a problem processing your order. Important note is that California residents add sales tax.

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